Postfolk is my baby art project – brand ! I designed everything on this project from branding identity, concept, product collections, packaging and many more to come ! In postfolk and in some more projects i have worked is very obvious how the brand idea evolving and applied from logo, tag line to products , product design to packaging !  This is the mindset i have when i start working on new or old brands . Brand is a hole universe and you have to stay faithful to the Dna of your brand.

POSTFOLK was founded by  Maria-Olga Vlachou (me), a Greek graphic designer who was inspired by the dynamic designs of the motifs in Greek folk art which for many generations have been a part of the traditional Greek culture’s graphic lexicon.  Nowadays these motifs are an object of antiquarian interest. POSTFOLK is retro-future digital handicraft, a kind of digital embroidery, inspired by the design potential of Greek folk-art motifs, with a decidedly progressive twist.POSTFOLK explores the language of color and creativity. It takes the folk motifs that linked generations around the world and renders them anew, reshaping them into digital artistry, while maintaining the main scope they were always meant for; to bring joy, happiness and prosperity in our everyday life. In this sense, POSTFOLK is very much about the future of our past(my favorite tag line ) Every little stitch was turned pixel by pixel into a stunning collection of homeware design that includes towels, beach towels, textiles, accessories, decorative objects and limited edition art prints. POSTFOLK continues to evolve, keeping a passion for design and high-end craft at its core.

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