DEI (PPC Public Power Company )

Crafted Inaugural Legacy Collection with New Visual Identity for DEI !

**Role:** Lead Designer –

I orchestrated the inception of DEI’s groundbreaking Legacy Collection, a retail ensemble of 21 meticulously crafted products. This collection, slated for sale at DEI’s Legacy Shop and organisation outlets, not only pays homage to the company’s profound historical journey but also communicates its enduring commitment to ethical and green values.

**Key Achievements:**

– Successfully reintroduced the iconic thunderstorm motif from DEI’s heritage logos, infusing the Legacy Collection with a rich historical touch.

– Innovatively designed a black-and-beize index included in every package, providing consumers with an educational tool to explore DEI’s legacy. The index includes some of Dei’s vintage logos with the thunderstorm   and the one that is featured on each product coloured with DEI’s current orange hue, is highlighted in different occasions subtly educating consumers about the company’s heritage.

– Introduced a completely new visual identity for the Legacy Collection, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with DEI’s rich historical roots.

– Applied a vintage color palette inspired by the 1950s, echoing DEI’s foundational era and infusing the collection with a nostalgic charm.

– Developed witty and insightful messages on the packaging, providing consumers with engaging narratives about green ethics and sustainability.

**Design Elements:**

– Curated a diverse range of 21 products, each uniquely embodying DEI’s historical significance and commitment to sustainability.

– Utilized a sophisticated typography system, intelligently integrating the thunderstorm motif into the letterforms, creating a cohesive and visually captivating product range.

**Message and Impact:**

– The Legacy Collection not only stands as a testament to DEI’s enduring legacy in the Greek civilization process but also communicates the company’s dedication to ethical and green values.

– The inclusion of the thunderstorm in the index subtly educates consumers about DEI’s heritage, fostering a connection between the products and the company’s rich history.!


Art direction and design by Maria – Olga Vlachou

Copywriter Konstantinos Papagiannakis  

Photographed by Giorgos Vitsaropoulos