MARIA CALLAS ( a bespoke collection celebrating 100 years MC for the Greek National Opera )

Designed “Maria Callas 100th Anniversary” Collection:

I curated and designed the eponymous collection, paying tribute to the iconic opera diva on her 100th anniversary. Conceptualizing a distinctive ensemble capturing Maria Callas’ enduring influence, I collaborated seamlessly across teams, ensuring successful development and launch. The collection, infused with archival images, achieved widespread acclaim, adding an artistic dimension to the celebration of Maria Callas’ legacy.

Designed First-Ever Eponymous Retail Collection: Greek National Opera:

Pioneering the design of the first bespoke retail collection for the National Greek Opera, I conceptualized and executed a groundbreaking ensemble of 180 items, marking a historic milestone. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, I infused the collection with classical opera quotes and colors, creating a visually captivating experience. The historic launch garnered widespread acclaim, enhancing the National Greek Opera’s presence in both artistic and commercial spheres.