Greek National Opera

Designed First-Ever Bespoke Retail Collection: National Greek Opera !

**Role:** Lead Designer –

Pioneered the design and development of the first-ever bespoke retail collection for the Greek National  Opera, seamlessly merging artistic expression with consumer appeal.

**Key Achievements:**

РConceptualized and executed a groundbreaking collection of bespoke retail items, marking a historic milestone for the Greek National  Opera.

– Collaborated closely with stakeholders, including artists and production teams, to ensure the successful translation of cultural elements into commercially viable designs.

**Design Elements:**

– Infused the collection with symbolic motifs inspired by Greek opera traditions, creating a visually captivating ensemble tailored for retail audiences.

– Customized designs to align with the National Greek Opera’s brand identity, achieving a cohesive and culturally resonant retail experience.


– The historic launch of the first-ever bespoke retail collection garnered widespread acclaim, elevating the Greek National Opera’s presence in both artistic and commercial spheres. !